Who reads the instructions anyway?

      Secret Signs by Wouter Walmink | iOS | Review

"It's an almost primal experience."

If you've ever got yourself a new gadget, piece of technology or even a flat-pack, how many times have you not bothered to read the instructions?  On some occasions, they're not always to hand, but in either given scenario, some of us, sometimes, prefer to just figure it out for ourselves.
    Secret Signs will feed that sense of curiosity and wonder, and have you looking at your phone or tablet from all angles, while tapping, swiping, and dragging pieces of a picture, as you rack your brain trying to figure out, what they are and what you're supposed to do with them.  It's an almost primal experience.

This small compendium of visual riddles, are a little different from your usual puzzle games.  Most have a set of rules to follow, all with the same end goal, these do not, and are all unique unto themselves.  Many normally increase in difficulty as you progress, these tend to vary somewhat.  And so initially mind-boggling as some of them may first appear, everything is hidden in plain sight.  

Each puzzle is a picture, with movable parts.  The idea is to work out what's what.  Some you will solve quickly, others you might find a little tricky and need to spend some time with, maybe even come back to them later?  There are hints available, which are free and you can play the riddles in any order you like; no unlocking necessary --another nice feature! 
    When you have solved a riddle, you are rewarded with a short story on the inspiration behind it.  That too, is something welcome, and that which I'm not sure I've seen before?  There's also a calming soundtrack to accompany you while you play.
    There are 24 riddles in total.  The first eight are free, so if you think you might want to have a go, you may as well check them out.  Then, if you like, you can buy the remaining sixteen with an in-app purchase of 1.99

I like puzzle games, but I've never been the smartest at them, though I more often than not like to give them a try anyway.
    So far, I have solved 26 of the 28 currently available puzzles, I say currently as I'd like for the developer to add more, even if those last two are still keeping me busy.  I feel so close to solving one of them.  The other, I'm unable to find the solution to at the moment as both are actually bugged right now.  But, a fix is on the way! So  . . .  soon!
    I've started a walkthrough, and am going to attempt to get the last video up by this time next week at the latest.  So, if you're struggling with any of the puzzles, don't forget to hit me up again, as you can, and hopefully will be able to find all solutions here.

Wouter Walmink's first game (,on iOS, perhaps Android at least,) is a clever one.  It's presented nicely and the intimacy of touch controls makes mobile the perfect platform for Secret Signs to be played on.  
    Oh, and if you have downloaded it already, have you found the Easter egg yet? 

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