Secret Signs | Full Walkthrough | All Solutions 1-24

Hello.  Unless you are a frequent visitor to my blog/s, chances are, you're here because you've got stuck and need help solving a riddle.  If on the other hand, you've simply stumbled upon this post and are wondering what the heck Secret Signs is, you can read my review here.

OK, I've uploaded three separate videos to my YouTube channel, and created a playlist.  Each one contains eight solutions.  One to eight, nine to sixteen and seventeen to 24.  So, if you're looking for a particular solution, now you know which video to find it in.  I've added timestamps, to try and avoid viewers seeing the answers to riddles they've not tried yet, but thought to add explanations here in case it's not understood what or how I'm actually solving the riddles in the videos.  You can find a complete list below under their respective video.  Hope they help.

1. Tap the circles, so that the lines form the corners of a cube.

2. Drag and move the circles, so that the surface area is completely covered.

3. Move the shapes to make a face; eyes, nose and mouth.

4. Swipe the object until the background is the same colour as the outer circle.  Left and right, change colour.  Up and down, change the shade.

5. Feed the snake.  The easiest way to do this is by holding the pellet you want the snake to eat.  I recommend guiding it to the outermost pellets first, as if you veer off screen, the riddle will restart.  This becomes easier said than done after eating each pellet, as like other snake games, you grow in size and so it's more difficult to manoeuvre.  After you've eaten all your pellets like a good snake, eat your tail.  Do this by making a circle gesture with your finger.

6. Thread the shoelace.  If you're having difficulty, you can just copy what I do in the video.

7. Use the shapes to make a square.  It's a good idea to set out all the shapes first, so you can see what you've got to work with, but if you're still finding it hard, watch my video and repeat the steps.

8. Walk down the stairs.  This is done the same way as you walked up.  Tap the steps below, then the floor.

9. Use the minus symbol to change the 1 into a plus sign.  The answer is always nine.

10. You need two fingers and two thumbs for this one.  Drag and hold all the spots along their respective sliders, at the same time.

11. Tap the squares until you fill the grid.  This one is a bit like the game Lights Out, if I remember correctly?  I'm not sure the exact way to solve this, other than by doing what I did.  Just experiment until you get it right.

12. Hold and move the dot around the screen until you hear a tone.  Then try to keep the same pace you were moving at, when you first heard said tone.  If you do this correctly the tone will continue and the dot with get bigger until it fills the screen.

13. Tap-tap-tap.  Hold, hold, hold. Tap-tap-tap.  This mimics Morse Code for SOS.

14. Slide the stars along their dotted lines until they form a circle.  The background with turn closer to the colour of the European Union Flag, which is what you're attempting to replicate.

15. Drag the minute hands of each clock until they, and the hour hands almost form a square.  It looks a bit like is has a slightly raised roof.  Dots will appear to give an indication you might have the hands in the correct position.  If you see the dots, but have still not solved the riddle, try swapping the placement of the hour hands with minute hands or vice-versa.

16. With this one, you need to drag and place the blue spot, so that the smaller white dots all reach it at approximately the same time.

17. Drag and move the white spots, so that they're all evenly spaced.

18. Another one I solved by accident through experimenting.  Tapping a dot causes a ripple effect.  To solve, a ripple has to reach each dot at roughly the same time.  There is a little leeway. so keep trying and you'll get it in the end.

19. Slide the mountain peaks with your finger, so that they form one.  Focus on either the ones in the fore or background first and then copy the other.  Like a shadow.

20. Tap the tiny dots, outer to innermost, until the grid fills with squares.

21. This one had me stumped for ages.  I overthought and overcomplicated it.  I'm trusting you've already read the hints?   Move the squares by dragging them with your finger on the blue section and look around by sliding you finger left, right, up and down on the background.  You want to be looking at 'a gold bar, that wants to be whole', but through a paned window.  Find the top and the bottom, and the rest should fall in place.

22. This is another one that racked my brains, and had me taking breaks and coming back to it, time and time again.  I got so close with a few different setups.  You essentially need to light the red section by placing the yellow triangles most efficiently.  If you've seen the hints, my only other piece of advice is to take a look at how I did it in the video (pause it if you need to) because I probably couldn't recall how to do recreate it again myself, and I wonder if there's actually more than one way to solve this puzzle?

23. This is the only other one that had me stuck.  Again, I'm not sure I could remember how to solve it a second time.  Watch the video?

24. Like the first puzzle, but a bit more tricky.  Tap and move the circles, so that the corners form two triangles.   I think these might be my favourite visual riddles of Secret Signs to solve.  Fun stuff.  Hope there is a content update.  More of these please!

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