Playing Possum with Dark Dragons.

Thanks to AppUnwrapper for sharing the Reddit post and credit to PolkaBadger for creating it.

Sky: Children of The Light is a gorgeous game, but the Dark Dragons are scary, and they steal your hard-earned wings.  If you're unlucky enough to have been attacked by one, you'll know that trying to find them again, feels like you are embarking on some wild goose chase.  And so, it's best to try and avoid them altogether, but sometimes you find yourself in a bit of predicament.  For example, I was recently attempting to free one of the seasonal spirits in the Golden Wasteland.  One of those where you need to carry the light?  Well, I'm not sure if you've done it already, but trying to carry that light AND avoid the patrolling krill is no mean feat.  I got lucky.

Until recently, the only other option we had, was to hide.  This seemed to work for a while, but then friends started getting attacked through walls.  Thankfully, aside from the obvious (where possible)
"Run away!"
a new method has come to light.  And at time of press, it's still working: Play Possum?

Upon being spotted by a dragon, it was first discovered that by opening your emotes menu and tapping the 'play dead' icon, you could essentially hide or become invisible to them.  Their searchlight would turn back to white from red, and they'd ignore you.  However, that no longer works.  Now, you need to multi-tap the icon —fast!  And you need to keep tapping until you’re no longer in their spotlight.  While it may not seem it, you only have a small window of time to pull this off, so you have to be quick.  It helps to open up the menu, and scroll to where the emote is, then memorise it.  That way, when you open the menu again, it will be there ready and you will never find yourself frantically scrolling in a panic when, and if one of the Dark Dragons spots you.  
Edit: I've since realised some of the emotes are duplicated with a clock/timer at the top of the page?  And I have just had it confirmed by a friend, these are your recently used emotes.  This makes things even easier, should you have played dead (or if you prefer,) played possum recently?  Also, I've not tested it yet, but I presume it will be even easier playing on a phone, rather than a tablet?  I'm thinking, you may be able to reach the emotes menu icon without moving your hand?
    All things considered, practising the technique before you venture into the Wasteland, can also help you remember the exact location of the emote and could maybe develop some muscle memory?  Some people have said they play through Golden with the emotes menu open, but that it’s not easy.  I would not personally recommend this, as you’re unable to tap the jump/ fly button, nor are you able to move the camera.  Both of these hindrances turn, what should be an advantage, into more of a handicap.  

I wonder if the original method was meant to work and the new way is a bug or if both are bugs?  Or if it’s a mutation of the same bug?  Whichever, I hope it was intended, and that if Thatgamecompany do patch it, the original method will continue to work.  
    I recorded some gameplay of me playing possum with the Dark Dragons and tried to replicate some typical scenarios rather than just standing there waiting to face one, to see if the new multi-tap method would work in the heat of the moment.  I managed to capture some glitchy results!  Anyway, check out the video below if you've not seen it already, and then go and try it for yourself  . . .  If you dare.

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