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Secret Signs | Full Walkthrough | All Solutions 1-24

Hello.  Unless you are a frequent visitor to my blog/s, chances are, you're here because you've got stuck and need help solving a riddle.  If on the other hand, you've simply stumbled upon this post and are wondering what the heck Secret Signs is, you can read my review here. OK, I've uploaded three separate videos to my YouTube channel, and created a playlist.  Each one contains eight solutions.  One to eight, nine to sixteen and seventeen to 24.  So, if you're looking for a particular solution, now you know which video to find it in.  I've added timestamps, to try and avoid viewers seeing the answers to riddles they've not tried yet, but thought to add explanations here in case it's not understood what or how I'm actually solving the riddles in the videos.  You can find a complete list below under their respective video.  Hope they help. 1. Tap the circles, so that the lines form the corners of a cube. 2. Drag and move the circles, so t

Playing Possum with Dark Dragons.

Thanks to AppUnwrapper for sharing the Reddit post and credit to PolkaBadger for creating it. Sky: Children of The Light is a gorgeous game, but the Dark Dragons are scary, and they steal your hard-earned wings.  If you're unlucky enough to have been attacked by one, you'll know that trying to find them again, feels like you are embarking on some wild goose chase.  And so, it's best to try and avoid them altogether, but sometimes you find yourself in a bit of predicament.  For example, I was recently attempting to free one of the seasonal spirits in the Golden Wasteland.  One of those where you need to carry the light?  Well, I'm not sure if you've done it already, but trying to carry that light AND avoid the patrolling krill is no mean feat.  I got lucky. Until recently, the only other option we had, was to hide.  This seemed to work for a while, but then friends started getting attacked through walls.   Thankfully, aside from the obvious (where possibl

Who reads the instructions anyway?

      Secret Signs by Wouter Walmink | iOS | Review "It's an almost primal experience." If you've ever got yourself a new gadget, piece of technology or even a flat-pack, how many times have you not bothered to read the instructions?  On some occasions, they're not always to hand, but in either given scenario, some of us, sometimes, prefer to just figure it out for ourselves.     Secret Signs will feed that sense of curiosity and wonder, and have you looking at your phone or tablet from all angles, while tapping, swiping, and dragging pieces of a picture, as you rack your brain trying to figure out, what they are and what you're supposed to do with them.  It's an almost primal experience. This small compendium of visual riddles, are a little different from your usual puzzle games.  Most have a set of rules to follow, all with the same end goal, these do not, and are all unique unto themselves.  Many normally increase in difficulty as you progre

"Mmm.Donuts." "10-4!"

Mmm.Donuts | AD Game Studio | iOS | Review If you like the Pako games, but find them a bit too tricky,  Mmm.Donuts just might be your new jam. That's not to say this a casual experience, but it's arguably not quite so hardcore as Tree Men Games' car chase simulators and parks somewhere in between, I feel. Adam Rogan (AD Game Studio) recently served up a calorie-free, no charge treat on the App Store, that definitely deserves a taste test.  I mean, who doesn't like free doughnuts?     Homer J. Simpson enjoys donuts, and according to countless American cop shows and films over the years, so do many a police department across the pond.  Unfortunately here, for the player, you are a donut!   Much like the fantastic series from Tree Men, Mmm.Donuts is too an avoidance game where you are given chase by squad cars, except this time you take control of their favourite small, fried cake of sweetened dough.       There are many positive similarities to Pako.