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"Headphones recommended."

There, it's been said.  Because, well, frankly, I find it odd, Oddrok, did not suggest you rock your headphones while playing Boom Pilot.
    Music can, in my opinion, add so much to a game.  It can help shape the mood, induce adrenaline, form an experience, even make a memory.
    Alone, music and video games are great.  Together, they can be fantastic!
    Anyway, good deed done for the day, on with my write-up.

Power Hover was the last game from these same Helsinki developers, that I played, beginning to Finnish?  They've created some top titles since, however, none have really got me in the feels again.  That is, until now.
    Boom Pilot, though quite different in most aspects, shares a lot of the same qualities as Power Hover; it's fun, looks good with its cartoony visuals, the controls are near-perfect and it has an awesome 80's vibes soundtrack.  OK, it's one looping track, but it is awesome!

I played the Beta for a short while, but really earned my wings, after revisiting the game soon as it had  officially launched from the App Store.
    Boom Pilot is not only essentially, a decent, one-thumb, portrait mode, top-down mobile shoot-'em-up, but a prime example of how to do it right.
    In fact, the only area in which Oddrok's latest game might be somewhat lacking, is by way of a story. But, let's be honest here, this is not an RPG, nor are we about to embark on some open-world adventure.  It's a good old-fashioned shmup.  Avoid the baddies' projectiles, blast those enemies into oblivion and hopefully have a good time while doing it.
    Instead of an introduction, we are greeted with a short playable tutorial.  Though simple, this gives the player the opportunity to get to grips with the controls, while giving them an insight into what a typical level might look like.  To manoeuvre your plane, all you need to do is drag your finger or thumb around the screen in the direction you wish to travel.  Touch is relative, so you can always see what's going on, plus there is a sensitivity level slider to experiment with and find what works best for you. Firing is automatic, but double-tapping the screen unleashes your special.  These are picked up from golden crates you've obliterated and can contain items such as; missiles or a laser.  Aside from that, all we know of the whys, are from the app's description;

"Robots have taken up to the skies, it's up to you to smash a screwdriver into the hard-drive!"

Well, OK then.  I'll fetch my toolbox.  Next, you are deployed on your first mission of, currently, 24.  Also in the mix, are an additional 6 boss stages.  Levels become progressively more difficult, but seldom so much you feel like making your iPhone fly.  Every stage and boss-battle is different, some are more tricky than others, all are a blast.  To help you on your way are upgrades, and a choice of four new planes in the hangar.  All these can be bought with coins, which are both found in-game and can be earned by unlocking chests or watching ads.  Upgrades are for your damage, critical hits and shield, while each plane has its own extra, i.e. the cargo plane boasts a coin boost, Baron, a stronger magnet for attracting said coins.
My favourite aesthetically is 'Space', arguably the only set of wings that's not a plane, but based on the Space Shuttle.  My best investment might be 'Ripley' though, with its faster fire rate.  After each mission, your score is rated using the familiar three-star system and there's also an achievement badge for taking no damage.  I've finished the game, but am currently going back to three-star no damage the missions I missed.  This is where the real challenge comes in, and no doubt it'll keep me busy while we await the next update.  I'm hoping the game does well and more content is added.

I really like free iOS games which have a premium upgrade option because they're accessible to all, while still enabling those who can, the opportunity to support the developers sharing the fun.  Boom Pilot is one of these.  There are forced video commercials and optional advertisements in exchange for coins.  But, if you don't like them, you can choose the 'remove ads' purchase and be rid of them forever for a one-time payment.  Win-win!  Cloud saving is another appreciated option available.

If you like a good shmup, chances are, you're going to love Boom Pilot! 


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