‘Oh, I just can’t wait to be King!’♔

Auto Chess: Origin by Dragonest

Beginning life as a humble mod, Auto Chess: Origin has finally made its way to mobile, and let me just say, I am doting on this game right now.
    It’s been available for PC sometime, but see, victory in Origin is also about luck, chance even.  So ultimately, anybody can win, even if you’re new to Auto Chess.
    Being a fan, maybe it’s also Origin’s similarities with traditional Chess that I’m drawn to?  That being said, Dragonest’s masterpiece actually shares, only few.  
    Akin, is the 8x8, sixty-four squared checkered board, ranks are named after Chess pieces, and there’s forward thinking involved . . .  but I believe that’s all(?)

The Basics:
Auto Chess: Origin is an online multiplayer turn-based strategy game, played on global servers.  There are up to 8 players per match, all playing the same modified version of Chess, each contending for first place.  A game is over, when one player remains.
    Every round, everyone gets a choice of hero cards to select and auto-battle, from the same shared card pool, containing over 50 pieces. 
    Initially, each player can select only one hero, but as the game progresses and you level up, more may be chosen, up to ten per round.
All heroes belong to a different race or class, and have individual abilities.  You must learn what they do, how they work with other cards (synergies), then also how they counter.  
You can combine and evolve cards to make them more powerful.  
    Most ‘gaming’ is done in preparation, where positioning and formation play important parts.  The only inputs a player has during battles, are collecting items dropped by creeps (npcs) in certain rounds, too equipping your heroes with those consumables you’ve bagged. 
    Matches I have played this far, have all hit around the thirty minute mark.  So be prepared to invest in some serious gaming sessions.
    In these core essentials, I’ve not covered the why’s and how’s.  There’s much more to grasp, fundamentally.  I’m still learning, practising.  Luckily, there is a playable tutorial, then plenty of thorough, yet intelligible beginner’s guides, also top tips videos available.  Here is a link to one I recommend.

Auto Chess: Origin is visually, too audibly pleasing.  Tapping, also dragging & dropping inputs are lag-free and smooth, load times-a-minimal. 
    It’s been a fun game so far, and I’m looking forward to mastering it, should I make time.  I’ve uploaded this video of my first victory; please find below.  Download the game for iOS here.  Share your thoughts in those comments.  Played Drodo’s version of Auto Chess yet?  If not, are you planning on it?

My First and Last Victory on a Guest Account :)

Update: How to upgrade your Guest Account.
If , like me, you’ve been playing Auto Chess: Origin on a guest account, meanwhile hopelessly searching how to upgrade it without facebook or your phone number, (which doesn’t reportedly work for anybody outside of China anyway.) Good news!  Last night, I finally found the answer. 
    Warning: My progress and data did not carry over.  Anyway, without further ado, here’s that holy grail link  Thank you, our saviour, Bhernado Viana, and  . . .  You’re welcome! 


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