Top 5 Tips & Tricks!

Pigeon Wings Strike: iOS

Wing-it like a maverick or check out this brief on the mission ahead.  As promised in my review last week, here are my Top 5 Tips & Tricks for Pigeon Wings Strike:

  1. Crank that sensitivity up.  Whether you choose tilt or virtual joypad, I find it helps a lot.  Especially at times when you need twitch movements; where a millisecond can mean the difference between dodging or being cooked.  The fact you only need to slightly move your iPhone or left thumb also makes the controls even tighter and your flight that much smoother.  It enables you to navigate quicker, should you need to climb or dive faster to make that cave or building entrance otherwise coming at you in slow-motion as an age, it seems, passes, only to have you not quite make it in time.
  2. Pay attention to your surroundings.  And the background.  Higher your situational awareness, by looking out for the arrow signs, command prompts, and even the way the walls are painted in the buildings.  These are all indicators of the path you should be following for a safe journey.
  3. Only hold down the 'fire' button when cannons are activated.  See, when they're not, that same button activates boost.  Holding it down means you easily temporarily run out and collide with a wall, floor, ceiling or drone.  Timing your presses on the other hand, can instead smash 'em.  There are some missions for smashing drones, and that's the way to do it.  Get behind your enemy and boost right into the back of them!
  4. Look out for the smoke trails left by enemy drones.  These not only let you know where they will appear on screen on your approach, but help with line up shots early.
  5. Completing your missions is by far the best way to earn coins.  But don't forget to try and catch coins and power-ups dropped by downed bogeys.
  • Bonus tip!
  • When facing the mini-bosses, just concentrate on avoiding them and their projectiles while holding down the ‘fire’ button. You will almost always shoot them in the process anyway.  They usually drop a coin and power-up too, but you need to be quick catching them.
I hope these tips and tricks help.  Thanks for reading, and if you any of your own, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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