Game, CLUB . . . CLUB, guys!

All.  This.  Time.  It was right in front of my nose, and I didn't even see it: Game, CLUB!  If you haven't heard by now, GameClub has been reported to be a paid subscription service, and is set to go live around the same time as Apple Arcade launches.  I wonder how Apple will feel about that?  Will it matter?  How do you feel about GameClub "bringing awesome premium games back to mobile" via a subscription model?  Call me presumptuous, but I merely thought Eli and company were going to update and rerelease said games, as is, back on the App Store.  Woah!  Hahah!  I've just realised, they've never actually specified the App Store or iOS!  This makes me wonder if they thought ahead and plan to branch out onto Android and the Google Play Store?
    Now, they haven't announced it on their website, but like much of their news so far, through third-party sites, sometimes linked from their own.  Hey, that reminds me, while I'm on the topic.  If anyone from GameClub is reading this and there's a News Editor position available.  Just a fyi; I am also  . . .  unoccupied  . . .  currently :)  --Moving on, I learned from reading an article by Eli Hodapp's friend and former colleague, Jared Nelson on toucharcade, in which he shared a post by another writer, from yet another site and now I'm posting about it all here.  It's like GameClub News-ception!  They were both actually interesting reads, presenting valid reasons and arguments in favour of.  Some were enlightening (not that that's always a good thing), but they opened me up to the idea of why there may be demand, and in this digital age, I guess there's always room?
    It would have been nice, if they put it on the table from the get-go, but maybe they weren't sure themselves back then?  The question is: Are you going to join the club?

Most comments I've read have been against GameClub's method.  However, I did notice a few for it.  I feel my stance has shifted a little, though I'm now on the fence.  Perhaps GameClub could ultimately offer both?  A subscription or the choice to purchase premium mobile games the old fashioned way?  One thing they do say on their website, is that we can help shape the direction.  Also, that they'd love to hear from us.  So, it's worth putting that out there.

I mean, the bottom line is: it's up to us, the customer, at the end of the day.  Nobody can force you, but like it or not, if enough people want it, it'll succeed as a payment model.  'Freemium' games are a prime example of this.  Many mobile gamers loathe them, but still, right now there's evidently enough of a surplus in willing consumers to warrant developers and publishers continuing the trend.  Only we can change that.
    Whichever side your on, the silver-lining is, either way, there'll still be a market for the minority.  Exactly who that will be?  Only time will tell.

Links: Article, GameClub

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