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PaperToss 2.0: Pokémon Go Training Game?

Is there a way to practise your Pokéball throwing skills? First released way back in November of 2011, Backflip Studios' App Store classic sequel has recently reappeared on iTunes' Top Free games section. That got me thinking, is this thanks to Niantic and The Pokémon Company? You guys remember Temple Run, correct? Well, around twelve months after Imangi Studios' launched their pivotal mobile game, another title appeared! Perhaps about the time of its muse's most popular reign?; Temple Run Training Game, by Martin Finch. Now, where this is self explanatory, if you're familiar with Paper Toss --you may be ahead of me here. Yes, them gameplay mechanics! They are not unlike those of attempting to catch a Pokémon, agreed? So, are people using Paper Toss (2.0 in this case) as practise? It's a curious coincidence, don't you think? I'm certainly going to re-download and see if it helps develop my Pokéball flinging skills. And, right n

Power Hover: iOS Review

Should you bother, to Hover? The wonderful thing about nostalgia, so I've learnt first hand, is; it can be triggered by something nonspecific. Nostalgic feelings become more plentiful, the older I get. And, for the most part, they make me smile inside. Ok-ok, that's more than one thing, but hey, like I said; nonspecific. Video games. Video games have, and continue to be an activator of said emotional state. Many of us revisit our favourite classic titles because of this. However, recently, rather than longing for yesterday, I've found myself embracing the present. And, what a gift that is! When a new, modern video game gives me the exact same feeling, experienced while replaying a title from say, twenty five years ago(?) Oddrock's Power Hover, I choose you. Or, you chose me? Whatever, the feeling is mutual and everything is glowing! Maybe it's the hoverboard? It might be the soundtrack? Could be that pseudo -low-poly art style? All I know is, one, o

Alice in Wonderland Puzzle Golf Adventures!: Chapter 1; iPad Air Gameplay