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Blendimals [iOS] Review

Having played and loved Plantman [Free] ,also Shadow of Kharon [Free] , I had an incline     Blendimals was going to be something special.  New Danish indie developer Exploding Cow blast off onto the App Store with a superb launch title.  Like their Creative Director, they evidently share his talent, perhaps modesty as well. What makes this strategic platform puzzler stand out, is an amalgamation of familiar features I have come to associate with Dennis's work.  High standard production, controls which feel second nature, addictive sometimes challenging gaming and good old fashioned fun  . . .  all amid a thought-provoking story. Blendimals' tale of teamwork realising a mutual dream is quirky and elevating.  These zany animals who muse about reaching The Moon must work together in their attempts.  Its premise is straightforward enough, players choose which cartoon animals they add to this giant blender, then use the hybrid/s to reach The Rocket Chair found at each

#Blendimals lands on the @AppStore May 6 [iOS] News

"Holy cow-fish-bunny-rhino!"   It has been almost a year since I caught up with  Dennis Neilsen, Creative Director at Exploding Cow .     Back then he mentioned they were working on readying their latest strategic platform puzzler for world-wide release.     Starting life as a browser game in 2011, Blendimals was redesigned for iOS by the Danish indie developer before  its soft launch in Nordic countries last year. Mid 2014, I had a chance to get some hands-on experience with the original browser version, more recently some gameplay in of its redesigned iOS counterpart.     First impressions?       It's delicious!   Blendimals will be available on iPhone and iPad from the 6th of May for a lower tier premium price of £2.29 GBP (Or your countries equivalent.) Come back soon for the full review and when I will hopefully catch-up with Dennis himself.  Until then, check out some screenshots and trailer below for a taster.