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Cally's Caves 3 IAPs Explained

Have Cally's Caves 3 in-app purchases got you confused? They had me too! So, I contacted its developer for more information. Here's what he had to say: "The ng+ and survival ones are $3.00 each (USD).  The only way to play them is to buy them.  My recommendation is to buy the daily deal one, it gives you both of them for $5.00.  The other Iap is a "cheat" Iap that gives you all the guns and coins for 3 bucks so I'd just ignore that if you want the true experience." So,  New Game+ =$3.00 Survival =$3.00 "Get iAP 1 and 2 as a cheaper bundle" =$5.00 Gotcha.  I know which I'll be buying. "Shut up and take my money!" While I was typing, it crossed my mind to ask Jordan about Cally's mysterious disappearance from the App Store. "We did pull down the first callys caves but just while we fix up some problems that arose with it, like invisible platforms." She'll be back guys!  M

Blendimals Now Has A Playable Teaser, It Is Coming To Android And I Caught Up With Part Of An Exploding Cow!

An interview with Creative Director, Dennis Nielsen. ( Not a bit bovine. ) Wow.  It must have been over a year since we last 'spoke'.  What has been happening at Exploding Cow?   If my memory ( and resources ) serve me correctly, Blendimals was due to release last year.  Why the delay? We are currently starting-up at Exploding Cow with our first commercial release, Blendimals.  Learning how the mobile game market works and basically trying to figure out how to make a living, making the games we want to make.  There's a ton of possibilities, so we are taking our time to consider different business models, funding and so forth.     It is true that we originally planned to launch Blendimals worldwide in 2014.  We had soft-launched the game in Scandinavia during the fall of 2013.  That version was somewhat rushed, and even though it was greatly received by its users, also suffered from bland graphics, a few bad design decisions, too not-so-great controls.       Ba

"The Spikes are back!!" A SpikeDislike3, for iOS Review.

W ell, it's been one bumpy ride, what with Apple's faux pas roadblocks outside their App Store and a crew of pirates (almost) burning bridges to Android.  But, hopefully this long-awaited sequel will be worth the journey so far for its developer.  Pot holes notwithstanding, he has certainly had fun making it and describes SpikeDislike3 as,     "All in all, IMO, this is the absolute pinnacle of SpikeDislike. This is as "nice" as it gets, and everything feels like it oughta."  -James Gamble, developer. After playing through all of the initial 150 levels and currently going back to 'star' failed challenges, too battling my way up high score ladders, I somewhat agree.  Here is why:     For those unfamiliar with Jayenkai's (J.N.K's) first two versions, the basic premise of SpikeDislike is simple; Bounce an orb over or under a series of spikes.       A ball bounces up and down automatically on one spot.  Your job is to move it forward

Blendimals [iOS] Review

Having played and loved Plantman [Free] ,also Shadow of Kharon [Free] , I had an incline     Blendimals was going to be something special.  New Danish indie developer Exploding Cow blast off onto the App Store with a superb launch title.  Like their Creative Director, they evidently share his talent, perhaps modesty as well. What makes this strategic platform puzzler stand out, is an amalgamation of familiar features I have come to associate with Dennis's work.  High standard production, controls which feel second nature, addictive sometimes challenging gaming and good old fashioned fun  . . .  all amid a thought-provoking story. Blendimals' tale of teamwork realising a mutual dream is quirky and elevating.  These zany animals who muse about reaching The Moon must work together in their attempts.  Its premise is straightforward enough, players choose which cartoon animals they add to this giant blender, then use the hybrid/s to reach The Rocket Chair found at each

#Blendimals lands on the @AppStore May 6 [iOS] News

"Holy cow-fish-bunny-rhino!"   It has been almost a year since I caught up with  Dennis Neilsen, Creative Director at Exploding Cow .     Back then he mentioned they were working on readying their latest strategic platform puzzler for world-wide release.     Starting life as a browser game in 2011, Blendimals was redesigned for iOS by the Danish indie developer before  its soft launch in Nordic countries last year. Mid 2014, I had a chance to get some hands-on experience with the original browser version, more recently some gameplay in of its redesigned iOS counterpart.     First impressions?       It's delicious!   Blendimals will be available on iPhone and iPad from the 6th of May for a lower tier premium price of £2.29 GBP (Or your countries equivalent.) Come back soon for the full review and when I will hopefully catch-up with Dennis himself.  Until then, check out some screenshots and trailer below for a taster.