#SlideMaze [iOS] Update

So recently I got to preview Slide Maze by Luke Craig (Stereophonic Games.)
    You can read my preview/ review here.  

The thing is, I've since completed it and while eagerly awaiting its first update have come to realise, I was a bit off with regards something said regarding visuals. 
"Though, a little rough around the edges." 
See Slide Maze is much more polished than initially given credit. 

Small attentions to detail which make a big difference; like little exclamation marks that appear around our protagonist in directions posing danger.
    The individuality and unique traits of each character.
    Subtle acknowledging visual and audible effects when hitting a 'wall', animations in the UI  --camera shake!  

Anyway, I just felt these realisations were warranted mentioning.  I'm liking the game a lot and news of new content was perfect excuse to write some more.

Now onto the actual update!
    Luke tweeted me earlier today that this had been submitted to Apple for review, so keep a look out.  Meanwhile, you can sneak peek it at his website

Also available on Android

Consisting of 21 additional levels and an editor.  Players will be able to share their creations with the community and rate others'.
After creating a free account, you can create either race, or puzzle levels, then even test, also name them before submission.  All objects featured in Slide Maze's core game are available and the editor is easy to use. 

    The fact you can create, browse and play community levels brings potential infinity to already booming replay value.  That said, I look forward to more customisation options in a future update, perhaps with the background?

Yet to play this slide puzzler?  You can download it now for free.  


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