Tiny Wings And Doodle Jump Get Updates [iOS] News

It appears Lima Sky and Andreas Illger have both been hard at work on their said respective games.

First up, Tiny Wings [£0.69] receives an extra archipelago by way of Tuna Islands with five new isles to race along, over and through in Flight School.
    Tunnels add a fun new way to play then master ,and an almost 'even' playing field are amongst the new grounds you can now cover before feeding time.

Next, Doodle Jump [£0.69] gets a new Pirate theme with fancy dressed aliens, cannon ball-firing enemy ships to dodge, swinging rope ladders to scale, coin-filled treasure chests to collect and maps that mark the spots are included.
    There are also additional costumes for your perusal and purchase in the store, power-up items too.

Both title updates give these App Store classics a fun refresh and prompt re-downloads.  If you've yet to play either, now is a good time as any.


  1. Always good to know about the updates. Cheers buddy :)


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