#SwingCopters Update: Version 1.1.0 [iOS] News

A first update for Dong Nguyen (dotgears/ @dongatory)'s Swing Copters in now live on the App Store.  
    As you can see from the screenshot above it contains a display ads bug fix, also gameplay tuning.  Unfortunately Game Center still doesn't work and needs mending, but I've learnt that is more of an Apple problem as they prepare for iOS8, so not unique to this particular app. 

I beat my top score first launch after installing version 1.1.0 ,and have definitely found the tuning to be game-changing.  Now it feels more a test of stamina above all else.
    The few things noticed and noted were:

1.)  The first gap level has been heightened.  This gives you more time to centre before  manoeuvring through. Gaps thereafter may have been widened too, or it could be all about point 3.).

2.)  Hammers appear to swing slower, making them less of a distraction while gifting more time to    dodge.

3.)  Taps feel more responsive and momentum feels reduced giving more overall, tighter controls.

While I believe these changes have made the game more accessible, if you're still having trouble getting started --check out my tried and tested High Five mini guide compiled [here.]  Yet to play the new Flappy Bird?  You can download a latest version for [Free] with an optional in-app purchase of £0.69 to remove ads. 


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