The Ball of Life 2 [iOS] News

Robert Curley of Shean Software, (the young indie developer who brought us Ski-Daddle) [Free] has just released his latest game on iOS.

The Ball of Life . . . 2 [Free] ,is a casual physics puzzle-platformer, not dissimilar to Kevin Calderone’s 2008 App Store classic, Trace [Free.]

Each level consists of a start, finish, gaps to clear and obstacles to overcome.
You, our protagonist, have lost your legs and turned into a ball. . .
The basic premise is to get you from point A-B safely. This is done by drawing lines with one’s finger, thereby manipulating your movement and route.

Perhaps the main difference between The Ball of Life 2 and Trace is that you have no actual after control over our character.
By this I mean, there’s no tilt mechanic, or tap to bounce; you must

–“Roll to the goal.”
Which in this case appears to be some sort of portal.

What you do have is an in-game slide to view menu. A virtual drawer. In it are: one pencil, eraser and restart button.
There is no timer, nor are there any penalties for time taken or retries amounted.

Each level becomes progressively more difficult, sometimes containing new and additional environmental hazards.

The tried and true three star scoring system has once again been adopted here.
There are 3 to collect per stage and the outcome of course depends on how many you pick up “en route”.

Two worlds, contain 48 levels in total. The first 25 are free to play. By which time you will have decided if you would like to purchase the full game and remove ads by way of a 99 cents in-app purchase.


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