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Plantman Q&A with Dennis Nielsen.

I recently managed to contact Dennis Nielsen, Creative Director, Game Designer, Cow-founder of Copenhagen based game company Exploding Cow and *deep breath* . . . One of the guys behind Plantman [Free]  --Phew! Dennis kindly agreed to answer a few questions that I'd bet have been on many of our lips. Here's what he had to say: How did the National Film School of Denmark come to develop and self publish an iOS game? There are different educational programmes at the Film School - the only programme not focusing on live-action films is called "Animation Director" - which is the programme I finished this summer, Plantman being my graduation project. As an Animation Director student you get to play around with all different aspects of animation and games production, focusing on being "The one with the vision" and working with all kinds of people from different fields. You have almost endless creative freedom when it comes to the midt

Plantman [iOS] First Look

A surprise release last Wednesday for me was Plantman [Free]  subtitled, "Episode One: Last Day at The Plant Plant." An App Store debut no less from, wait for it... The National Film School of Denmark, in co-operation with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation -you don't see that every week! So how and why did an iOS game come into development by a film school? Those are questions I may not be alone in wanting to ask these talented self publishers.     Now, I've visited their **website and unfortunately the only apparent means of contacting them is via post, fax, or telephone not hold our breaths!? I digress. Curious of its title, intrigued by Plantman's screenshots, l decided to download the game and at least check it out.     20 -30 chapters later, I've heard, seen also played enough to bet, I'll probably soon be left in anticipation of Episode Two ( and the rest of the series. ) Unsurprisingly perhaps, though o