Butterscotch Shenanigans Minis [iOS] News

It had all gotten rather lonely and so serious over on iOS of late, what with the BScotch Bros currently working at their upcoming game of epic proportions [Crashlands.]

While they're not playing *Cough*, sorry -hard at work with that. They are partaking in ten hour game jams, speed crafting and live streaming it all via twitch.
    These have resulted in Butterscotch Shenanigans Minis, most of which were until recently only available on Android.

While their flappy-like Flop Rocket hasn't quite made the port over (yet?) Meteor Madness [Free] (AKA Roid Rage,) also Freeway Mutant [Free] have landed and are hopefully causing havoc on the App Store as we speak.

Learn the intergalactic Highway Code in Meteor Madness as you embark on one peaceful Sunday fly, navigating your way around a meteor field collecting spilled juice from some crashed tanker.
    Don headphones, dodge, gather and hope you don't feel the sudden lack of oxygen through your hair pilot! In-turn you'll get to control spaceships then ...what more do you want from an unpaid internship?

Or... in Freeway Mutant, Rampage through an "American suburb", avoiding mines and some of the worst pot holes ever seen by man. Shoot enemies, then loot their splattered kidneys.
    These can be used together with bits of uranium, bolts and gold you might just happen to find laying around for crafting more powerful guns -it's a blast!

Both titles are a feast for the eyes, may contain catchy soundtracks and slick controls that need no introduction.
    There are separate Game Center leaderboards to climb, questionable achievements for your unlocking and ad-free upgrade options.

Craftily challenging, download some endless, bite-sized fun for free and welcome Seth and Sam back -it's been too long.


"It's a bit like drawing the short straw at NASA around Atari's Asteroids release date, except in real life.
    Then you realise it is not all doom and gloom; your ship handles better, has a stereo system and the scenery's technicolor -WINNING!" -Jamie84303 (App Store review.)

"If Forrest Gump was a mutant." -Jamie84303 (App Store review.)


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