Lindy Folding Plug to Fig.8 Review [UK]

So I was recently gifted one dual compartment PlayStation Vita hard case both for storing also carrying the handheld game console, too its cables. It is something of an almost ideal size, somewhere between a pouch and small bag, providing protection less added bulk.

Now you may be aware that UK ( and many other countries ) AC power plugs have a third pin (Earth/ ground.) This usually goes unnoticed until it comes to transporting or stowing them, at which time the difference becomes very apparent.

It's surprising how much more room that extra pin takes up and ( think you can guess where I'm going with this ), after much shuffling around I resided on the fact it just was not going to fit in my new case.

Next, after recalling learning about folding plugs, I decided to do some research and discover whether plugging my Vita into one of those straight at the mains via its USB lead would work, most importantly be safe.
    Finding out this might causing overheating, perhaps worse put the kibosh on that.

Shortly after, then wondering if there was such a thing as a Fig.8 Cable with folding plug, I went online window shopping.
    Mere seconds later, up popped, '2m Folding UK Plug to Fig.8 Mains Power Lead' [£4.98] plus delivery from As you can imagine it was not long before I added it to my basket and checked out.

I'd not been that excited about receiving some wiring for a while ,( no it is not my first time ) and luckily only had to wait two or three days before the parcel dropped through our letterbox.

The product arrived enclosed in a nice little resealable bag, packed neatly within one padded envelope, both branded.
    Upon closer inspection and handling I was impressed with the overall look, compactness, also build quality of this genius invention.
    It's pleasing to the eye, wraps tidily away and feels of a solid, durable construction.

'First thing's first', I thought before proceeding to test whether it would fit in my PS Vita case along with the USB lead, AC Adaptor and of course mobile gaming console itself.
    As you can see from the image below it sits comfortably inside and  there is no awkwardness or bulging while, even after zipping up said travel case.

Later I of course tested if and how well my purchase worked. Its folding (Earth) pin snaps securely into both positions; flat or upright, while the plug itself is shaped nearly ergonomically, even practically. These factors give reassuring grip for plugging, then unplugging and naturally makes it compact for storing.
    The lead connected furthermore charged my PlayStation Vita at a mains efficiently with no problems and did not get warm while in use.

It comes with a replaceable 3 Amp fuse and though not an official PlayStation product also my recommendation.
    Currently available similarly price tagged to a regular Fig.8 cable, it's worth mentioning this folding version is also suitable for other electrical gadgets and gizmos that share the same type of connection.
    Sure, we could just buy bigger bags, but the '2m Folding UK Plug to Fig.8 Mains Power Lead' is an innovative alternative for those of us whom ultimately prefer to travel lighter.

With a variety of payment and delivery options, though I'm not reviewing the site itself I would like to share that it's one I'll likely shop at again.
Their prices appear competitive, service reliable and there is plenty of nicely catalogued quality stock to browse  -well worth a visit.

What a difference a folding Earth pin makes!


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