Letter Quest Update [iOS] News

For reasons unknown, (though it seems to be happening a lot lately,) the great RPG strategy word game formerly known as Spell Quest: Grimm's Journey [Review] gets an update and a brand new name!

Fear not, Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey [Free] is still the same good old Bacon Bandit Games ...game ,and this news actually gave me an excuse to write up on a couple of gameplay elements I'd so hastily forgotten first time round.

Time Trials and Special Challenges!
    For each stage there are a total of three stars to earn. First by completing the level, next, again but within an allotted time, then finally once more while fulfilling a set challenge.
    You can now also just tap on said Time Trial or Special Challenge's corresponding star right from the results screen,

"It saves you a trip to the map."

These extra modes certainly add replay value and variety to an already
diverse title with plenty of longevity.

If you enjoy Mark Smith's free iOS debut, please consider donating or even just buying a Gem Doubler (Pro tip.) Not only will the kind gesture help you out, but in-turn support future updates ...like this:

"What's New in Version 1.04
* Added a bonus shop with new weapons for Grimm and new letter tile sets (bonus shop is an in-app purchase)
* 7 new stages for a total of 40, and 120 stars
* 10 new quests
* 6 new achievements
* 5 new Game Center leaderboards
* 2 new books
* Twitter integration - tweet your best word with a picture from the results screen
* Rate our app functionality to ask to review the game
* Can tap second monster in stage to get details
* Added more words to the dictionary
* Can now tap stars on results screen to play other star types without going to map
* Potion costs reduced from 500 to 400 gems
* Letter tiles on time trials blacked out when viewing monster details
* Reduced memory usage, should fix crashes on iPod Touch 4g and iPad 1
* Fixed bug with stat for defeating monsters in one word, wasn't updating before
* Less confusing text on gem doubler enable/disable button to avoid confusion
* Swap spell now disabled when start spelling a word
* Added Game Center button on results screen
* Increased efficiency, game now runs more smoothly on older devices like iPhone 3 GS
* Several difficulty tweaks
* Fixed bug that could delete save file when critically low on disk space
* Fixed bug for achievement for entire board of duplicator tiles - is now possible
* Fixed bug with restore purchases button being disabled when Game Center was disabled
* Fixed bug with touching multiple letters on treasure minigame when only had one guess remaining"


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