Rambo The Video Game [News]

Rambo The Video Game Machine of War is coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on the 21st of February!

Sly's thought provoking 2008 movie release -Rambo, brought Burma's brutal Burmese Military regime to the forefront of viewers minds, not only spreading awareness, but perhaps growing an ageing demographic of its original trilogy.

Based on Sylvester Stallone's first three films, Reef Entertainment's curiously anticipated stealth, action-adventure game will carry an PEGI 18 age certificate. This is promising with regards the fact it's likely The Video Game will stay true to Stallone's franchise and not be watered down for a younger audience.

Recreating authentic scenes, 'fixed perspective' is a common denominator shared across three play styles; first-person shooting, quick-time-event sequences and stealth infiltrations. The latter two of which look to be played in third-person.

There are at least six different environments to explore, plus we will be given choices of using lethal, or non-lethal force with Rambo's trademark bow and knife. Multiplayer has also been mentioned suggesting post story replay value while opening the doors for future DLC.

The success of movie tie-in/ based games has historically been proven unpredictable. As a fan of both, it's been some time since I've seen a Rambo title and for now at least -I'm excited!

Visit the official website to view trailers, all you need to know and find out how you can receive a Limited Edition Figure when pre ordering.

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