My Little Rescue Helicopter

is a new arcade game from Indie developer James 'Jayenkai' Gamble currently available for [Free] via gamejolt in your browser or/and iPad (HTML5) also as a download on Windows, Android, OUYA too.

Shoot enemy aeroplanes and rescue stranded friends by hovering your ladder over them screaming,
"Get in the chopper!"
Then avoid getting shot down before returning 'home' safe.
    These are the goals in this essentially endless flyer.

Targets have health bars to deplete and your standing is shown in numbers, if it reaches zero -game over.
    Uppermost, a radar almost spans the game window, giving the player a guide to bogey locations and drop off points.

Up, down, left and right arrow keys or mimicking virtual joystick movements manoeuvres your helicopter by way of desktop/browser otherwise iPad respectively. While holding space bar if not where you want to shoot on screen fires projectiles.
    Both control schemes work extremely well and there are even clever game mechanics usually only present with 3D helicopter games; your aircraft reacts accordingly to additional weight when carrying passengers, also bullet trajectory changes in relation of pitch. These simulations make things tricky at times providing challenge.

The sound effects do their job providing confirmation of hit detection also gun-firing, but it's the music -both original and catchy, though unfortunately absent (along with said sound effects) when playing on iPad that will get in your head.

Visually, My Little Rescue Helicopter is presented in simple 8-bit graphics reminiscent of something you may have played on an old Atari or Amstrad.

All-in-all an sagaciously made accessible, fun title with tasks to complete, three difficulty levels for mastering and high scores that beg beating -take a test flight.

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