Dead Effect goes FTP with a monstrous update! [iOS] News

I've battled my way through countless story missions, also survived endless waves of zombies/ or undead since my review of InDev Brain and Bulkypix's Sci-Fi Horror FPS last October.
 "Screams quality!"
,I said in my review ,plus still, highly recommend you check it out whether you are re-downloading or downloading for the first time.

I've also died ...a lot ,and hope I am not about to again now this fantastic formerly paid game has gone free-to-play. 

First impressions are promising, advertisements are not apparent, though I'm sure you may know these can suddenly appear at a later date. New, is the 'store' where we can buy in-game currencies with real life money. This I am anticipating will be entirely optional, but enough about Dead Effect's change of sale and more of one monstrous update!

Here's what else is new in version 1.2:

§ Unique loot drop system
§ Choice of auto-aim and auto-fire with automatic reload
§ Set-up difficulty of zombies
§ Biohazard mode, survival enemy waves and unique mini bosses
§ 2 new mini bosses
§ Wagner boss
§ New achievements
§ New leaderboards
§ Daily objectives
§ Mini boss fights at the end of each level
§ Explosive grenade
§ Electric grenade
§ Trip mine
§ Crossbow with explosive ammunition
§ Chainsaw
§ Predator minigun
§ Electric bow
§ Future shotgun
§ Future assault rifle
§ Accelerated movement speed of main character
§ Supports MOGA controllers

So as you can see, there's plenty new on the menu to get your teeth into here -let's trust there's no bitter aftertaste!

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