A mini guide to Indigo Lake [iOS]

After recently finishing my first play through of Three Cubes' very clever and jump scare ridden psychological horror game I thought I'd put together a mini guide.

Most, if not all of these hints also spoilers can be found at the developers' blog or on Indigo Lakes' thread in toucharcades' forums and have been gathered then edited here only for your convenience.

While it is recommended you explore and attempt to work out puzzles for yourself, I appreciate how frustratingly tiresome becoming stuck can be, potentially perhaps ironically spoiling even ending the experience. That said, please use these references as a last resort scrolling down only so far as needed to progress.

Attention!: Spoilers ahead, please scroll slowly.

Tips: Save often; First, soon as you reach the island then at regular intervals. Do this by simply rotating your device into portrait mode and clicking on the icon. Be sure to disable rotation lock before launch.
    Getting from A to B; Drive also park safely, at least before becoming familiar with your surroundings. Driving or parking hastily could send the car over, even rolling down cliffs while your back is turned.
    View objectives; Forget what you were doing? Rotate the device anti-clockwise to view your last objective.

Notes; All can be found in houses except one, next to the shore on a tree.

Camp Andrews'; Puzzle with rotating wall panels? If you shoot one it turns around. I solved this after noticing a layout of some other objects in the vicinity.

The dark room?; There is one photo here which matches a photograph close to Doctor Everett nearby -tap that!

Indigo Lake 3D?; "Oh my gosh, it looks like she is coming out of the screen?" ...Click that key!

Underground plot; Lightning blocking the dig-site door? 'Kill' Doc Everett to gain entry; I found it easiest on four wheels! 

Crystal clear; After retrieval, click high on that laser beam back at camp.

Ancient artefacts; Laser beams show locations of all Indian objects they also happen to be in (or around) houses, except one which is on the ground where it points. After you have gathered them go underground once more and tap on that box, in-turn placing them inside. 

Rock and roll; After replacing all Indian objects, find and shoot three large floating rocks making them spin. One is close to those 12 [lettered] pillars, another on the road above plot 4, finally below house 6. 

Electrical storm; A stone shrine is your next stop ,and key to getting at the lakeside water tower.

"She's back!"; You may want to disarm her first?


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