Stickems [Review]

Stickems are an ingenious little invention from the guys and girls over at Stickems HQ.

Part sticker part screen cleaner all reusable these handy products are a godsend to anybody who owns a portable gadget with a screen, or even a pair of spectacles!

Now I'm sure most of us don't like having mucky devices and short of carrying around a microfibre and bottle of screen cleaning fluid there's not much else we can do, aside from using an item of our clothing or the like to give it a quick wipe... that is until you discover Stickems! Simply stick one to the back of your gizmo and in case of an emergency peel off and give the screen a clean, then just stick it back for safe keeping.

They remove fingerprints, dust, oils, grease and make-up and being washable are good for up to 1000 sticks! Should your Stickem become a bit dirty itself or need it's stickiness reviving all you need to do is rinse under a cold tap and let air dry before reusing as before.

These fantastic products are made from soft microfibre cloth with a static gel backing which sticks firmly and leaves no residue behind upon removal. They come in assorted shapes and sizes with designs to suit most tastes and the catalogue is still growing with more artists teaming up and getting on board as the news spreads.

Having tried and tested one for around a week I found it to work wonders and struggle to fathom how I got by without before. In my opinion it appears to perform best when wiping your screen in a circular motion and though you probably don't want to hide your chosen Stickem design they won't get in the way should you use a case. The ingenuity and convenience still has me smiling, surely they are in line for an award for innovation?

If you own anything from a smartphone to a mobile gaming device, to a laptop - keep your screen pristine and rock a Stickem! Visit The Original Stickems website for more information and follow @LoveStickems on twitter for news on the latest available designs and stockists. Prices currently range from £2.99 to £4.99, they even be used to clean CDs!


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