iCarbons.com [Review]

iCarbons.com specialise in designing, manufacturing and distributing custom skins for devices such as game consoles, computers, tablets, smartphones and tech accessories.

The stuff they use to construct their skins is made from 3M DI-NOCtm, a durable, cleanable, flexible vinyl film that simulates the look and feel of natural material such as carbon fibre, wood grain and metal. This gives the customer the look they want minus the added expense. iCarbons don't just look and feel authentic, they provide scratch protection and are easy to install delivering a precise bubble free application. The adhesive used is residue free and upon removal your device will not be left sticky or damaged, this also gives leeway when applying them.

With an array of colours, designs and limited editions in an evolving catalogue new skins are usually available to pre-order shortly after a new piece of kit is released. Their team is always on the ball and they cater for users of many major products, most recently those of the XBOX ONE and PS4.

Their customer service is second to none and I have been a big fan and happy customer of iCarbons.com for a few years now at least. Purchasing skins for my iPhones and Playstation 3, I'm looking to buy one for my iPad Air in the new year and I have just finished applying this Dark Wood skin to my XBOX 360;

The quality is pretty incredible and I find the only time I need to replace them is when I fancy a change or a new skin colour or design catches my eye. With handheld gadgets, I also feel it's worth mentioning while they may not provide drop protection, in my opinion the texture of the carbon fibre skins offer reassuring grip to possibly otherwise slippery surfaces feeling safe in the hand. A fantastic alternative to cases, adding virtually no bulk.

Worldwide delivery is available and there always seems to be some kind of promotional discount running. If you live in the United Kingdom and are in a bit of a hurry, you can order your skins from phonemaniac.co.uk; the ONLY authorised distributor of iCarbons in the U.K.

Visit the website for more information, check out their YouTube channel for installation videos and follow the team on twitter to keep up to date with the latest news, offers and giveaways.


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