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Shoot Many Robots [XBLA] Review

Also available on the Playstation Network and Steam with a spin-off game out for Android and soon said to be released on the App Store , Shoot Many Robots is a downloadable 4-player co-op, run-n’-gun action shooter currently free for December as part of Xbox Live's Games with Gold. Published by Ubisoft this is the first original title from Demiurge Studios whom have until now worked behind the scenes on triple a games such as Borderlands, Rock Band, Mass Effect and BioShock. Some of their previous work conveys, visually from the offset it immediately looks a bit like a flat-pack Borderlands though not without some feeling of depth. The sublime Rock/Blues soundtrack would not be out of place in a Rock Band playlist, nor the SCI-FI and machinery from the latter previously aforementioned. Playing through the game, I could not help feel the nostalgia of classic counterparts within their genre, yet while being an ode to the likes of Metal Slug and Contra ( even so muc

Paper by Fiftythree (53) Fan Art

A finger painting of Butterscotch Shenanigans 's Quadropus Rampage icon I coloured on my iPad

Minecraft Pocket Edition Fan Art

Recreated in McPE v.0.8.0 on iPad Air Slideshow compiled and edited in iMovie Featuring.Characters from such games as, Kid Tripp, JNKPlat, Mikey Hooks,Chillaxian, Sonic The Hedgehog, Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, Fist of Awesome, Evil Robot stole my girlfriend, Baby Lava Bounce and Ninja Boxing Calculator. Recently opened up Minecraft Pocket Edition after updating only to find myself being drawn back to creating some more pixel art, I find it rather therapeutic. Hope you enjoy checking out the video as much as I did building it.

PowerPackXL [Review]

The PowerPackXL is an emergency phone charger not restricted to phones themselves. Also suitable for charging your other mobile devices on-the-go, such as an iPod or PSP they are both convenient and portable. Packing an extra large 4000mAH Li-polymer battery it contains enough capacity to charge your smartphone fully up to four times on a single charge. This will of course differ for devices with larger batteries such as iPads. Available in black and white models both with a chrome and glass looking frame, front and back respectively with holographic text these fantastic products have a premium look to them. They are of a solid build and the plastic materials chosen to construct them also make them surprisingly light in the hand. Small enough to slip in your coat pocket and not be too bulky, nor will they take up much room if dropped in a bag. Your PowerpackXL will come neatly boxed and safely packaged in transit. Aside from the unit itself you'll receive a USB lead with f

NeonPlat Extreme Review and Giveaway [iOS]

Emitting vibes of Mario Bros, NeonPlat Extreme [£0.69] is the latest release from Indie developer James Gamble to feature a version of his character PlatDude, both the first and biggest NeonPlat I've played. This single-screen platformer packed with nine different modes is perhaps the most unintentionally festive game to launch on the App Store this year, just in time for Christmas. Visuals are mostly linear brightly lit set upon a dimmed background with the foreground occasionally tilting. This coupled with the fact the brightness also seem to alter intermittently can be somewhat disorientating, clever additions to the already focus shifting gameplay. The walls, floor and ceiling are open in all but one of the modes if I recall correctly, a help and hindrance. A quirky upbeat soundtrack accompanies crystal hit-detecting pleasing arcade sound effects echoing, even fuelling the chaos. All-round common elements consist of you 'painting' platforms

Crabitron: Giant Space Crab Simulation [iPad] Review

Two lives left proudly presents their multi-award winning Crabstarter  exclusively to iOS. iPad owners must experience this innovative and unique game which utilises the larger touch screen so well, it should probably come pre installed as a native application. You take control of the entitled protagonist using your fingers and thumbs as it's pincers, as you also in-turn move your arms [albeit slightly] so does Crabitron [£1.99] - it's almost like using the power loader from Aliens! Likewise (probably) it does take some adapting to at first as you learn the ropes, but then it feels as natural and has the muscle memory akin to riding a bike. Crush spaceships, devour their contents and then burp bullets - hopefully into the path of another oncoming enemy/treat. Doing so accumulates currency ( seemingly cleverly exchanged into a virtual mimic of your countries' legal tender ) for you to spend on upgrades and power ups aiding you further each level. Block rock

Eryi's Action [PC] Review

Eryi's Action is bizarre by name and nature. An extremely challenging Steam greenlight title that for the sake of your sanity is best played in short spurts, if at all. You play Eryi, the protagonist whose melon she was so looking forward to eating was stolen by the evil villain Farta X, yes you read that correctly. And so you embark on a perilous journey to face the thief and retrieve one of your '5-A-Day'.  An interesting premise full of eleven stages and boss fights to meet your demise in, on a world map that is too... interesting. With games like this and this is like games, fine lines are blurred between them being testing and downright infuriating, fun and blood, sweat and tears. Indie developers Xtal Sword do not hide the sly and cunning traps awaiting you behind the cutesy graphics, on the contrary they pride themselves on them utilising them as a selling point. On one shoulder they are daring you to accept the challenge and on the other life [Review]

Image specialise in designing, manufacturing and distributing custom skins for devices such as game consoles, computers, tablets, smartphones and tech accessories. The stuff they use to construct their skins is made from 3M DI-NOC tm , a durable, cleanable, flexible vinyl film that simulates the look and feel of natural material such as carbon fibre, wood grain and metal. This gives the customer the look they want minus the added expense. iCarbons don't just look and feel authentic, they provide scratch protection and are easy to install delivering a precise bubble free application. The adhesive used is residue free and upon removal your device will not be left sticky or damaged, this also gives leeway when applying them. With an array of colours, designs and limited editions in an evolving catalogue new skins are usually available to pre-order shortly after a new piece of kit is released. Their team is always on the ball and they cater for users of many major produ

Ninja Boxing Calculator [iOS] Review

Inspired by the now classic 80's Casio BG-15 Boxing Calculator and the sum of two years in the making, LCD Ninja's Ninja Boxing Calculator finally makes it way on to the App Store, like lightning! Currently available for iPhone and iPad for only [£0.69*] ( *Contains no in-app purchases or advertisements. ) Mac and PC versions will follow, a planned release for Android devices is expected early 2014 and there are even plans under way to manufacture a physical handheld version of the game/calculator. I did not have a BG-15, nor did any of my friends, neither did we own a calculator with a hidden game. The only games we played on our calculators were inputting numbers, rotating them upside down and in-turn magically transforming them into letters forming words such as 5318008 In fact in all honesty it is in recent years I have (re?)discovered all these fantastic gadgets I'd missed. Needless to say I was excited for the release of Ninja Boxing Calculator and could

Stickems [Review]

Stickems are an ingenious little invention from the guys and girls over at Stickems HQ. Part sticker part screen cleaner all reusable these handy products are a godsend to anybody who owns a portable gadget with a screen, or even a pair of spectacles! Now I'm sure most of us don't like having mucky devices and short of carrying around a microfibre and bottle of screen cleaning fluid there's not much else we can do, aside from using an item of our clothing or the like to give it a quick wipe... that is until you discover Stickems! Simply stick one to the back of your gizmo and in case of an emergency peel off and give the screen a clean, then just stick it back for safe keeping. They remove fingerprints, dust, oils, grease and make-up and being washable are good for up to 1000 sticks! Should your Stickem become a bit dirty itself or need it's stickiness reviving all you need to do is rinse under a cold tap and let air dry before reusing as before. The