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Secret Signs | Full Walkthrough | All Solutions 1-24

Hello.  Unless you are a frequent visitor to my blog/s, chances are, you're here because you've got stuck and need help solving a riddle.  If on the other hand, you've simply stumbled upon this post and are wondering what the heck Secret Signs is, you can read my review here.

OK, I've uploaded three separate videos to my YouTube channel, and created a playlist.  Each one contains eight solutions.  One to eight, nine to sixteen and seventeen to 24.  So, if you're looking for a particular solution, now you know which video to find it in.  I've added timestamps, to try and avoid viewers seeing the answers to riddles they've not tried yet, but thought to add explanations here in case it's not understood what or how I'm actually solving the riddles in the videos.  You can find a complete list below under their respective video.  Hope they help.

1. Tap the circles, so that the lines form the corners of a cube.

2. Drag and move the circles, so that the sur…

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