Sunday, 27 April 2014

Butterscotch Shenanigans Minis [iOS] News

It had all gotten rather lonely and so serious over on iOS of late, what with the BScotch Bros currently working at their upcoming game of epic proportions [Crashlands.]

While they're not playing *Cough*, sorry -hard at work with that. They are partaking in ten hour game jams, speed crafting and live streaming it all via twitch.
    These have resulted in Butterscotch Shenanigans Minis, most of which were until recently only available on Android.

While their flappy-like Flop Rocket hasn't quite made the port over (yet?) Meteor Madness [Free] (AKA Roid Rage,) also Freeway Mutant [Free] have landed and are hopefully causing havoc on the App Store as we speak.

Learn the intergalactic Highway Code in Meteor Madness as you embark on one peaceful Sunday fly, navigating your way around a meteor field collecting spilled juice from some crashed tanker.
    Don headphones, dodge, gather and hope you don't feel the sudden lack of oxygen through your hair pilot! In-turn you'll get to control spaceships then ...what more do you want from an unpaid internship?

Or... in Freeway Mutant, Rampage through an "American suburb", avoiding mines and some of the worst pot holes ever seen by man. Shoot enemies, then loot their splattered kidneys.
    These can be used together with bits of uranium, bolts and gold you might just happen to find laying around for crafting more powerful guns -it's a blast!

Both titles are a feast for the eyes, may contain catchy soundtracks and slick controls that need no introduction.
    There are separate Game Center leaderboards to climb, questionable achievements for your unlocking and ad-free upgrade options.

Craftily challenging, download some endless, bite-sized fun for free and welcome Seth and Sam back -it's been too long.


"It's a bit like drawing the short straw at NASA around Atari's Asteroids release date, except in real life.
    Then you realise it is not all doom and gloom; your ship handles better, has a stereo system and the scenery's technicolor -WINNING!" -Jamie84303 (App Store review.)

"If Forrest Gump was a mutant." -Jamie84303 (App Store review.)

Airbender 2.0 [iPad Air] Review

Airbender 2.0 from New Trent is a wireless keyboard case made for the iPad Air.

A mostly improved model of their first edition, this mid range product is multifunctional and retails for less than half the price of its major competitors without sacrificing quality.

Sealed within sturdy white cardboard, not dissimilar to Apple's trademark packaging, in the box you will find the cellophane bag wrapped keyboard case itself, instructions, a flyer and USB charging cable.
    The lead is neatly tied, then there's even a sheet of foam between keyboard and cover to help protect its keys in transit.

The leaflet offers one free three months warranty extension, while too detailing information on how to become a pilot user and test "free new generation" products.
    A simple though thorough user guide's recommended for your perusal perhaps while you wait for the Airbender 2.0 to fully charge, this is also suggested.
    *Charging initially takes about 6 hours, but thereafter just a couple or until the indicator light shows full.
[*You can use the keyboard while it's charging.]
    Set up is relatively easy, after disconnecting from the mains, open the cover, snap in your iPad and adjust to a preferred viewing angle accordingly.
    Next you need to pair the devices:
Switch the keyboard on, then press the connect button.
On your iPad go to Settings> Bluetooth and toggle the slider to on.
When the Air has found "Bluetooth Keyboard", select it and you will be prompted with a password on screen.
Type this in then hit Enter.
    Pairing only need be done once, in future simply flick the power switch on the keyboard and enable Bluetooth on your iPad via Control Centre.

There is no lag whatsoever between typing and text appearing on screen. While battery life's difficult to calculate accurately, it does seem to last forever.
    Useful shortcuts are worth becoming accustomed with, especially one clever sleep command ( all listed in the manual ) and after spending some time with your Airbender 2.0 you'll likely find it a breeze to set up then use.

Larger Shift keys and "new metal arm" are customer review acknowledged improvements, while the newfound absence of a Spotlight Search shortcut key ( said to be present on earlier models, ) is probably an only negative. That and one elusive pound sign! Previous editions were mentioned to sport a less durable/ supportive stand.

Most of the keyboard case itself it made from plastic, with rubber feet ( inside, also out ) and locking clasp. Airbender 2.0 carries some weight despite being slim, while I wouldn't trust any polycarbonate case protecting my iPad from a fall, it does feel built to last.
    Personally, I found the keyboard size rather uncomfortable at first, but soon adapted.
    New Trent's overall product design is growing on me and while I'm not a big fan of earlier said stand aesthetically, I've come to appreciate its functionality.
    Opening, moving and closing the device did feel a bit awkward to begin with, but I suspect that's because it was brand new.
    Not a deal-breaker, though unfortunately it is one fingerprint, dust and lint magnet.

In addition to low cost and premium quality, arguably the most impressive feature of New Trent's Airbender 2.0 is its flexibility.
    Not only can you adjust your 'screen' to any angle ( landscape and portrait ,) but you're essentially getting three products in one.
Though safely locked when in normal use, the 'lid' and 'arm' both detach completely, gifting consumers a case, also stand to use independently with their iPad, a separate movie stand and scratch-proof cover if you will.
It's also worth mentioning the cut-outs for all ports are precise, providing full access.

If you're thinking of trying a physical keyboard with your iPad Air, but don't want the commitment asked by more expensive brands, I recommend you check out Airbender 2.0.
    Currently available on amazon via New Trent's website at only [$36.95]. ( UK customers can find it [here], or on eBay.) It will give you a fair idea of whether it's an accessory for you without breaking the bank.

Drafted and Sent from my iPad